The New Year New You 30 Day Challenge

A Fitness Transformation By Any Means Necessary!!!

For 30 Days You Will Eat Clean, Train Daily & Transform!

Your Start Date is in 3 Days

VERY IMPORTANT: Reply back to this email  RIGHT NOW with a Before Picture & A picture of your weight on the scale!






Please use the following guidelines for the check-in process:

  1. Set a weekly reminder on your phone for the checkin date (IMPORTANT)
  2. Send pics every week (MONDAY before NOON) of your weight on the scale along with a pic of yourself before noon on your check-in day

Meal Plans / Food Choices

We purposely do not provide meal plans because we want you to continue eating foods you enjoy and learn how to do this long term.

However, starting out it’s highly recommended that you keep things simple. It will help you learn how to weigh and track faster and realize what foods cause problems when they are slowly reintroduced.

I want you to read the Transformation Success Kit​. Make all your meals for the next 2 weeks from these foods. If you consider different cooking styles, different combinations, and different spices the options are nearly unlimited so variety should not be an issue. Refer to the group to get ideas on new recipes and cooking styles. It is a great resource.


Drink half your bodyweight in ounces. Example: Some that weighs 200 pounds would drink 100 ounces of water every day.

Progress Photos

Be as consistent as possible; same outfit (beach outfit is perfect), same camera, same location, etc. Take 3 photos each week; front / side / back photos. These will not be shared with anyone without your consent.

Plan Ahead

The easiest way to succeed with these habits is to plan ahead. We recommend Meal Prep Every week. Take another pic after each meal prep.

Travel / Restaurants

Everyone panics when they travel or go to a restaurant. Here’s a very simple solution: order chicken breast, rice, garden salad, dressing on the side. These options are available at nearly every restaurant on the planet. Ask your server for the weight of each food (write it down) OR bring your scale with you. We have clients who travel 26/30 days per month and they still hit their numbers – you can too!


We don’t restrict any foods, but we do advise you to cut back on alcohol. I will never scold or judge, but I will set realistic expectations: if alcohol is in the picture, progress will be slower.

Here Are The Rules:


We want to train you for free as long as you’re willing to put some skin in the game and actually show up and do your part. All participants must make 2 deposits of $75 to participant in the challenge. Your $150 Deposit will be returned to you at the end of the challenge IF YOU MEET YOUR 30 DAY GOAL. (If $150 isn’t enough skin in the game to hold you accountable try $300 or more. Whatever it takes to push you!


  1. View Transformation Success Kit & Go Grocery Shopping
  2. Grab Your 10 Day Cleanse
  3. Meal Prep For The Week
    • Take A picture of your Meal Prep and send it to me by replying back to this email.


  1. Create Your Workout Schedule using the MindBody Connect App
  2. Plan To Workout a Minimum of 3 Days a Week
  3. Stretch for at least 15min Everyday After Your Workout
  4. Get 8 Hours Of Sleep
  5. Weigh-in Every Monday Morning
    1. ​Send a picture of your weight on the scale

PROGRESS (Mandatory)

  1. ​Take A Picture 
    • Body Photo: Send it to me by replying back to this email.
    • Scale Photo: Send a picture of your weight on the scale.
    • Meal Prep: Send a photo of your meal prep (Optional)
  1. Challenge A Friend​​ <-(YouTube instructions)
    1. Text “Blaze” to 404-467-6321
    2. Click The link you receive back (Then Add link to “Home Screen” of your mobile device)
    3. Click “Refer Friend”
    4. Chose an option. either SHARE on Facebook, Text a Friend, Email a friend or Post on twitter.
    5. When posting on social media use the hashtag #BlazeFit

HOW TO WIN $500 CASH PRIZE: Need 90 Points To Qualify 

Every Day you workout at Blaze you’ll earn 1 POINT

Every Pound you Lose you’ll earn 5 POINTS

Every BF Voucher you post on Facebook you’ll earn 3 POINTS

Every Burpee Done in 1Min Burpee Challenge you’ll earn 1 POINT

The Person With The Most Post WINS!!!

If You Follow these ​RAMBO Rules You Are Garanteed to Transform Your Body In 30 Days