You ladies know that we can’t work out hard and intense every single day. Everyone needs off days and rest days, or a low impact workout that you can do when you’re feeling sore. A rest day is a perfect opportunity to do this stretching and strengthening yoga workout for your legs, butt and abs. This is a quick vinyasa yoga workout that will build strength, stretch and lengthen your muscles. The stretch exercises are organized into yoga sequences that flow from one movement to the next. In this workout you can either follow along with Jess’s pace, or do the yoga exercises more slowly. The idea is to get a great stretch, so hang out in each pose as long as you like! Yoga is great to do on the day after a legs, butt or arms workout because it helps with flexibility and to lengthen the contracted muscles from yesterday’s workout. The most important thing the day after a really tough workout is to keep it low impact, and give your muscles a chance to recover.

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