7 Steps to Your Perfect Deadlift (EASY CHECKLIST!)

The deadlift is one of the simplest
exercises that’s also very easy
to mess up!

Done right.  There’s none better.

Done wrong.  It’s a back disaster.

Here’s how to do it right every single time…

The Deadlift “Checklist” (Check Your Form Here)

I’m covering grip, stance, hand placement,
arm involvement…


The key reason why you need to
think of it as a “leg exercise” not
“back exercise” first!

7 Steps to Your Perfect Deadlift (EASY CHECKLIST)

Remember this…

Just because you’re doing deadlifts
doesn’t mean you’re getting out of
them what you should be.

You need to NAIL them perfectly every rep.

This video will really help you to
do that and get all the gains (with
none of the pains) from them!